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From the desk of the GC (1)

An interview with Grayson Brown, Vice President & General Counsel, Dwyer Group

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What if your franchisee becomes insolvent?

This article discusses the impact of the insolvency laws in the USA and Australia on franchise relationships with a special focus on master franchise relationships. It also considers workout and assistance agreements together with practical examples from the Australian franchises of Baskin Robbins (Allied Brands) and Krispy Kreme.

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Franchising in Croatia - yesterday, today, tomorrow

This article considers the current state of franchising in Croatia number of systems, number of locations, shares per and the various factors which are slowing its growth. Although franchises have operated in the country since the mid-1960s, the economic and political system in the former Yugoslavia impeded its development. The sector grew following Croatian independence, but there is room for expansion particularly for domestic franchise chains. The author argues that the sector requires strong support from the Croatian Franchising Association.

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